Victory Bags

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Victory Bags at the Ultra Running Company

From time to time we come across a product that just has to be in our store. For so many reasons, Victory Bags are one of those items. We know that no matter how large your pack, how detailed your plan, or how prepared for a run you may be, things can and do go wrong. When they do, you want to be sure you have the supplies necessary to minimize the issue and get back to running. This applies to long runs, races, or even storage in your car on the way to your favorite meet up. 

A Victory Bag is not a cooler. Its not a duffle bag. Its not for sneaking food into the movie theater. Its a genius running aid you'll be wondering how you did without. We carry Victory Sportdesign Victory Bags for so many reasons, including:

  • They are built from experience: Victor Ballesteros is one of the toughest trail and distance runners in the country. He's been competing in races that tax the mind and body for years, and when he realized no one made a bag specifically designed for runners like himself, he accepted the challenge and designed one from the ground up.
  • They're built with ingenuity: Each Victory Bag is segmented to ensure you can hold all the food, supplies and tools you may need to ensure a successful run. Pockets are transparent, so you can see what's inside. Dividers fold out of the way, so you can hold larger items. Bottle holders are insulated so you can keep cold stuff cold longer. If there's a detail to be sweated, Victory Sportdesign has sweated it. So you don't have to.
  • They're built to last: There's nothing fragile about these bags - they're made to take a beating from the elements, from the trails, and from aid station workers who would rather get you your food and drink than worry about whether your bag will make it to the next race. Your Victory Bag will. Tough as nails materials, durable zippers, heavy duty velcro - every piece is designed to hold up season after season.

One last reason: We like working with them. Given the choice, we're going to stock products made by and supporting other members of our community. Victory Sportdesign is a great example of a fellow runner having a great idea, us wanting he product, and the decision being a no-brainer. Pretty soon, lots of specialty retailers will be carrying these things. Until then, we'll make sure we give you the opportunity to test all three models, see how big they really are (can't tell that on the internet!). So come on in, grab a V-Bag, and leave happy.

The Models

We carry all three Victory Bags, and we'll make sure they're in stock when you come by.

The Coyote: Small but deceptively capable, this is the convenience bag of the group. Large enough to hold a water bottle and many of your necessities, this is the perfect accessory to keep your most used gear in to ensure you don't forget it at home when going on a road trip, heading to the local trail, or even to carry your essentials during a shorter distance race.

The Cougar: Middle of the pack does not mean compromise. Middle of the pack means its just the right size for a drink, your essentials, and even a change of clothes. We love using the Cougar for single stop aid stations where you want to ensure you have your essentials, but don't know exactly which essentials those will be. Stock up, stuff up, and move up to the Cougar.

The Bear II: The only Victory Bag in its second generation, the Bear II is designed to the maximum size dimensions accepted at the legendary Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run. With two removable water pockets, multiple see-through pockets, and compartments strategically located throughout the bag, this one is big enough for all your essentials, a couple of your non-essentials, and an extra pack of gluten-free brownies. The Bear II is a mandatory part of our travel kit when we go to races or pack for a long run, and we're confident you'll love it as well.