URC-SouthEnd Group Run

URC-SouthEnd Group Run

Wed, August 24, 20166:00 PM - 7:00 PM

 Come join us for our weekly evening run along Historic South End, Charlotte's Light Rail Trail.

Many weeks we'll be joined by our fantastic manufacturers, with free demos or samples of their products. We'll always announce this prior to the event on our Facebook page. Come join us and see why we're such big fans!

There will be multiple distances to choose from, including a 1.4 miles loop with our staff, a 2.6 mile out-and-back add-on with friends, or the full 4 mile Rail Trail loop, combining the best of both worlds.

Each run will begin with a brief lesson involving efficient running form by the Ultra Running Company staff, followed by a suggested workout to follow for the evening.

Each session will focus on one of the following tips:
1st Wednesday of the Month: Cadence
2nd Wednesday of the Month: Lean
3rd Wednesday of the Month: Posture
4th Wednesday of the Month: Foot Strike
Other topics of discussion will include "common" running form vs. "good" running form, and sessions are open to runners of ALL levels - there's no better time to focus on your form than when you're starting out, and we can all continue to improve no matter our competitive accomplishments.

We hope you will allow us to join you on your journey to becoming the best runner you can be!

As always, we'll be broadcasting the event via Facebook's #LiveVideo, so if you can't make it to Ultra Running Company - Southend tune in on FB at 6:00pm to join our discussion!