Love to support the local business community? So do we, but only when "shop local" also means better service and more value than you can find on the internet or at a big-box chain. Yes, we want your business, but more importantly, we want to earn it! We understand you have alternatives, and we think local companies need to actually do something DIFFERENT and BETTER in order to justify your support.

We like to call our approach #UltraLocal, and we'll be talking about it a lot more in coordination with the national#LaceUpLocal movement introduced by the IRRA (Independent Running Retailer's Association, an industry trade group of which we are a member). We love and thank you for your support, but we also think we ought to be sharing the things we love about our city as well - you can "lace up" and do so many great things here in the Queen City. We'll be pulling together interesting events from around the community to build on this approach moving forward - not just races, but sporting events, local charities, and more for you to enjoy.

Charlotte has so much to offer us all, and we truly appreciate so many of you have found room for our inclusive approach to running. We hope you'll tell your friends why you made the choice to visit the Ultra Running Company - and be sure to swing by again yourself. Whether you're preparing for a big race, finishing your first run, or just want to talk about real, science-based ways to improve your approach to exercise, we want to hear about it!

Interested In Joining Us?

If you have a local race, event or organization and would like to join our #UltraLocal team, just let us know via our Contact page and we'll do the rest: We'll post a link, talk about you, and in general just spread the love.