Trigger Point

Why Trigger Point?

If you run, chances are at some point you will over-tax your muscles.

We don't encourage this, but it is a bit of a fact of life. As you work out, you are actually breaking down the fibers of your muscles and allowing them to rebuild during periods of rest. With all that breaking down and rebuilding, its not uncommon to experience periods of moderate discomfort, and our goal is to help you avoid that moderate discomfort becoming serious pain. Pain is a reason to stop running, and that kind of boas against what we stand for. So lets consider some ways to avoid it:

  • Listen to your body. Ramp up to your goal level slowly.
  • Take rest days. Seriously. Take rest days.
  • Listen to your body. When it starts to hurt, you either need to change your training schedule to address the solution or add in an incremental activity to make up for the root cause of your discomfort.

That last step is where Trigger Point Therapy comes in. As your body breaks down and rebuilds itself, the rebuilding process is not always a smooth one - from time to time your muscles create areas of additional tension or even knotting, and the idea behind Trigger Point Therapy is that these areas can be individually stimulated and worked out through a series of exercises and activities.

If you are an elite athlete or independently wealthy, a great way to address this is to get a deep tissue massage. Every day, for like, two hours. It will feel great and will probably make a pretty significant difference. For most of us, that is out of the question, and as a result a number of home solutions have become available. We think Trigger Point products do an excellent job in this area, primarily due to their proprietary designs, quality materials, and specific application methods.

Many solutions are designed to be applied with one's own hands, and are often shaped like a stick or long rod. The down side of this is that when the human body perceives discomfort, it automatically backs off the action, so unless you have great physical and mental control you want to find something that applies even pressure in an activating manner. Trigger Point products use gravity and one's own weight to deliver consistent results, and our experience is that this process is significantly more impactful.

No one activity is designed to solve all issues, and as a result, the Ultra Running Company carries a number of Trigger Point Therapy solutions. We encourage you to come in and have a conversation with us to decide which one is right for you!