Why Tailwind?

OK, admit it: if you found this page, you either REALLY knew what you were looking for or we somehow tricked you into checking out all our links. We're guessing you're here because you heard about Tailwind (probably on Trail Runner Nation, one of the best podcasts in the country) and you want to know if its:

  1. Legit
  2. Available anywhere

We'll were here to give you a sound "YES" to both those questions. First, Tailwind is the real deal. Second, we have it in every flavor and every size available. In the store. In stock. Now.

So what are we so excited about?

Well, Tailwind is the first liquid nutrition we have found who's benefits outweigh its challenges for a normal runner. Sure, there are a number of mixable supplements out there, and sure, there's a decent argument they can effectively keep you fueled while on the run, what with all that long-chain-malto-whoop-de-whoop engineering and shelf space at GNC. Across the board, however, they have a couple of drawbacks:

  • They are virtually impossible to mix: They clump and are ridiculously sticky. Even if you get them shaken, you'll be licking your hands all day trying to get the overflow off.
  • They stain: Like, everything they touch. Probably your stomach, too.
  • They honestly don't taste that good: Not much more we need to say about that.

Tailwind flips this equation on its head. It dissolves quickly and completely in every temperature of water we have tested it in. Not only that, it dissolves completely clear and washes out of your clothes in seconds, and since it cleans up so well you won't have "sticky hand" throughout your next run. And finally, they taste great. They taste great at the beginning of the run, when the light, savory flavors come through in an appealing manner. They taste great at the end of a run, long after your stomach has revolted and refuses to take in any other substance. Amazingly enough, the flavor actually seems to get better as you go on, with just the right amount of saltiness and none of the sweet aftertaste.

So with all that said, what does Tailwind actually do? It delivers enough calories (200 per two-scoop serving) and electrolytes to get you through any run of any length. As they say, its "All you need, all day. Really." Really.

Come on in and give it a shot. With or without caffeine, with flavor or "naked". You'll thank us.