Ultra Running Company Staff

Hi. We're the Ultra Running Company staff, and we really do love to run. Most of us run a bit more than we would probably like to admit (although you can keep track of our races and exploits here), but the fact is we don't expect everyone to be quite as obsessed as we are. What we do expect is that no matter what level of running interests you - from your first steps to a 5k or from a 1/2 marathon to 100 miles - each of will be excited to learn from you and pass on our own knowledge so you can have a happier, healthier, longer running career. 

We invite you to peruse our brief bios below, then come on in to have a conversation about how we can best be of service. We commit to offer the highest level of experience in the Queen City, full knowledge of each and every item we carry in the store, and a genuine interest in your unique situation. Come in and let our passion work for you!

Jeff Dean

Hi. I'm Jeff, and I am the fastest staff member with a beard. OK. I don't really have a beard (not right this minute anyway), and to be fair we really don't keep track of things like who's fastest here at the Ultra Running Company. But it's still fun to say.

After dabbling in electrical engineering, photography, road biking and learning to speak Portuguese, a friend bet me I couldn't run a 1/2 marathon. I found an old pair of tennis shoes in my closet and ran the race, completing it on my first try. Since I didn't come in dead last, I decided running was a sport I could get into.

In just the past few years, I have trained and run every type of event possible, from road 5k to trail marathon, from the legendary JFK 50 in Maryland to the 108 mile Cruel Jewel to a 300-mile road race across Georgia. I am also very proud of my ability to complete a beer mile without doing a face plant in the process.

I hope you will take the time to come on down and spend some time at the store. I love to hear about every aspect of your running. I am the store's H2O Pro (hydration expert), a certified fit expert across multiple clothing lines, and have the industry's highest retail training certification. Let me help you find your perfect run!

Jessica Deck

Hi, I’m Jessica! I have been in Charlotte for about seven years, and I certainly give North Carolina credit for reigniting my passion for running and fitness. Growing up in Ohio, it was very hard to spend a lot of time outside, unless, of course you enjoyed freezing weather, gray skies and rain. Moving down here, I could finally run outside without a million layers!

While I don't claim to get lost on mountain trails and deserted roads for days at a time like the other awesome athletes that run/work here, its a fact I can lift more weights and scale more obstacles than they can! I am a runner, a Spartan Trifecta member, and a CrossFit athlete. My current claim to fame is I can deadlift 155 pounds, which is well over my body weight and probably twice what Nathan can pull off if he were ever tricked into entering a gym. Last year I completed my first half marathon and a few 5Ks, so I know what it's like to be doing something for your first time. My team also helped me to complete all three Spartan races (Sprint, Super and Beast) which earns some bragging rights among people who like to crawl around in the mud and jump through fire. 

Being an all-around athlete gives me the chance to try out new and exciting opportunities and a unique perspective to appreciate your interests. Whether you like trail running, walking, obstacle course racing or throwing some heavy weight around, I would love to talk shop with you any day!

Stephanie Lasure

Howdy! I’m Stephanie, and I’m recently back on the East Coast having spent the last 5 years in a little town in the middle of the desert, Las Vegas. That’s me, on the right of Ellie Greenwood, my running muse. I had the AWESOME experience of meeting her at a little 50K in Montana. That ‘little’ 50K left me with 9 stitches in my ankle and a humbled spirit. Toenails? Oh pshaw! I have officially raised the bar for BadA** running injuries. Clearly, my humbleness has moved on…

Running has quite literally, changed my life. Back in the old country, I was a smoker (cough*cough), and decided to quit by running around the block every time I felt the urge to smoke. Many, many, many laps around the block later, I ran my first marathon in 2009 and my first Ultra in 2012. Around that same time, I founded the local chapter of ‘Girls on The Run Las Vegas’, to help inspire young girls in the same way I was inspired through running.

So, how did I end up on this page? Well, the first thing I do when I move to a new town is check out all the local running stores, and I found the Ultra Running Company before I had even unpacked. I felt immediately at home, not only in a new town, but in a new running community. I hope you feel the same way when you come visit the store. I love nothing more than talking about running and I look forward to hearing YOUR story!

Nathan Leehman

Hi! I'm Nathan, and this store is pretty much my fault.

We started the Ultra Running Company as a place where like-minded runners could spend time together, talk about their interests, learn about running in a happy and healthy manner, and geek out on shoes and gear. I wanted a place where first time runners and exercise walkers could come to really learn about the sport - a place where they wouldn't be directed towards products that would end up hurting them in the long run.

I believe there is a "right" way to run, an approach that makes you more efficient, less injury prone, and - if it is your goal - even faster. I believe there are shoes that help in achieving this and shoes that can do very real harm, and I don't think that information is being shared with the general public. Our store aims to change that. We are committed to providing Charlotte with real, high quality information, the science to back us up, and the people on staff who are wiling to take the time to learn about what is important to you before we start telling you which shoe to buy.

You'll find a different vibe at the Ultra Running Company, and I hope you like it. We focus on education, conversation, and an easygoing attitude. We have great clothes that I actually wear and we work with vendors who share our interests and values. I am amazingly proud of our staff, and humbled they are willing to work with me. We all love to run (you can keep track of our current races and exploits by scrolling to the bottom of the page here), and I know that will come through the moment you step into the store. We're not about setting records or beating others - we want to ensure you're running happily today, tomorrow, and in the years to come.

I live here in Charlotte with my wife Courtenay, who thinks I run just a bit too much. Our daughter Samantha has finished a number of races as long as 5k, and will be happy to discuss the finer points of efficient running with anyone who asks. We also have a dog who loves us and a cat who tolerates our existence.

Employment Opportunities

We hope the bios above have given you some insight on the kind of folks we want working with you at the Ultra Running Company. Folks who love to run, who are willing to work hard and learn the facts behind our products and the other products on the market, and - most of all - who are willing to share their excitement and passion with our customers.

We're always looking for great people to join our staff on either a full or part time basis. Our customers expect a lot from us, and we expect a lot from potential employees. In return, we offer a supportive, high-tech environment with flexibility and fair pay.

If this sounds like something you'd like to pursue, please drop us a line via our contact page and tell us why. Please be ready with a cover letter and resume - we'll respond as quickly as possible and that will be our first request. We're stoked to hear from great people, and truly appreciate the effort!