We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

We really love the shoes, apparel and necessities we stock here at the Ultra Running Company, and think you will, too. We tend to spend a lot of time with folks talking through the benefits and constraints of each product we sell, and want to ensure our customers have the opportunity to learn everything they can before they buy a product. We truly think of ourselves as resources, and take a lot of pride in having first-hand knowledge of virtually every product in the store. We don't think you'll find that at many other stores, specialty running or otherwise.

One of the benefits to purchasing product (especially shoes) locally is that you can try them on before you buy them, and we'll help you make sure the sizing is correct for your individual goals. In addition, we know the real test will come once you are wearing the shoes in their natural environment, so we encourage you to take them home, give them a test run, and ensure they are exactly what you want. We're totally cool with that, and are excited for the opportunity to work hard with you to find the most amazing shoe possible for your particular need.

Our Warranty: 

We're confident you will love your shoes as much as we do. If you don't, please bring them back with their original packaging for an exchange or full refund. 

That's it. That's all of it.

The Fine Print:

There really isn't any. We hope the warranty above is clear. With that said, we depend on our customers to deal with us in an honest manner and treat us with the respect and dignity we have worked hard to provide every person who walks through our doors. We are committed to honoring our warranty, and appreciate you having the confidence to purchase product from us.

For those of you who like details and clarity, here are a couple of situations we can imagine that would make us question having such an inclusive policy:

  • Returning shoes months later: The shoe industry operates on seasons, and last season's shoes are a pretty tough sell at retail. So if you buy shoes and return them after a long period of time - even if you put them in your closet and don't wear them in the interim - we're pretty much eating the cost of those shoes. Just something to think about. Don't be evil.
  • Returning shoes after you have run significant mileage in them: Look, it doesn't take 100 miles to tell if a shoe fits you. It generally takes one. Maybe a few more than that if you're really not sure. We generally mark down gently used shoes and offer them to customers in an attempt to recoup some of our investment, and if you tear the heck out of them we don't have that opportunity. Don't take advantage of our desire to treat you well.
  • Returning shoes trashed: Let's face it - if you return a shoe that has been on a mud run or chewed on by your pet, our vendors aren't going to be taking that shoe back. We take full responsibility for a shoe fitting and performing properly, but not for your ability to clean it up after your test run or keeping it out of the mouth of an overzealous dog. Don't be ridiculous.

In general, we believe that by support in the heck out of our customers and treating them fairly, we'll be around for a long, long time. We appreciate your help in ensuring this is a mutually respectful environment, and look forward to continuing the most comprehensive guarantee in the industry.