Why Salomon Running?

To say we get a little excited about our Salomon Running apparel may be a bit of an understatement. Many folks who know the name don't know just how important the company is to trail running around the world, and we hope to help address that by including the running specific line here at the Ultra Running Company.

The Salomon name is well known throughout the world, but for the average person walking through our doors it is as likely their impression comes from the ski industry as it from trail running. Salomon has a history of world class results in nordic and alpine skiing, and our "big box" friends tend to offer great clothing options from Salomon that cross the lifestyle and athletic spectrum. For them, Salomon is a great outdoor company with good designs, but for us it means so much more.

In many countries, Salomon IS trail running. Here in the United States they are a bit lower down the curve, but folks in the know are quick to recognize their capability and execution in products and sponsorships. The Ultra Running Company focuses exclusively on Salomon's run specific apparel, and we look forward to seeing the latest lines each season as Salomon takes deeper and more appealing steps into the technical apparel market.

As a general rule, Salomon gear is among the most technically advanced and most application specific in the industry. While others may make clothing that works with other gear, Salomon makes clothing that integrates with that same gear. Light weight is a constant. Stunning technology is a given. No company takes their approach to more of an extreme than Salomon does with its S-Lab line, and for those not interested in being on the bleeding edge of technical clothing design, many of their breakthroughs make quick appearances in their standard gear as well.

More than any other running-related company, Salomon works to incorporate itself into the trail-running lifestyle. If you have some free time, check out their YouTube site - Possibly the best collection of running lifestyle videos anywhere, and a peek into the minds of some of todays' greatest runners.

Come in to see the difference Salomon Running's dedication makes. We love every lightweight once of it, and you will as well!