Why Salomon Running?

If trail running is your passion, you should really get to know Salomon Running. We did, and that's why we're proud the Ultra Running Company will be the only specialty running store in the Charlotte market to carry the Salomon Running line of trail shoes. 

From the hyper-competitive S-Lab line to more casual walking products (and everything in between), Salomon is the benchmark in trail form and functionality. The Salomon team works thisclose with the world's best trail runners, and leverages these relationships to make shoes that bring out the best in the rest of us. Thank you to the Salomon team for joining us in our mission to build a trail running community in Charlotte - we are excited for great things to come!

Check them out on their web page or browse the shoes we carry below!

Salomon at the Ultra Running Company

The Ultra Running Company stocks full size runs of the following Salomon shoes:

The S-Lab Sense Ultra, S-Lab Sense 3 Ultra & S-Lab Sense 3 Ultra SG: For those of you wondering what it means to carry Salomon trail running shoes, we can think of no better example than the Salomon S-Lab Sense Ultra. You can read about these shoes on the Salomon site where they are chock-full of great technical data and marketing platitudes (just click on the images above). But we can cut right to the chase: These are our "go fast" shoes. When we put them on, we want to hit the trails, and hit them hard. Our feet feel lighter. Our steps feel livelier. Our cadence jumps up a notch.

The S-Lab Sense Ultra is a lightweight Trail Running shoe with Less Drop and Transitional Cushioning, and the Ultra 3 and Ultra SG build on that with very specific modifications. We can tell you that the Ultra 3 is even lighter than the Ultra, and the SG stands for Soft Ground (so bring on the mud). What you need to know is that both the male and female Skyrunning champions wear this shoe (and our buddy Jorge Maravilla at San Francisco Running Company as well!), and they provide Salomon a ton of feedback on how to improve its products. It has serious innovation where it needs it, and leaves everything else out.

And you know what's cool? We're the only store in Charlotte to stock the S-Lab Sense Ultra as part of our regular inventory. What that means: You can actually try this shoe on now BEFORE you buy it. We're doing things no one else is doing, and we're psyched you are taking the time to be a part of it.

The Sense Mantra 2: Another thing Salomon running does really well is leverage their racing technology to create great shoes for the rest of us. A perfect example of this migration is the Sense Mantra, introduced just over a year ago and already one of the top training shoes in the country.

Just like it's S-Lab Sense Ultra cousin, the Sense Mantra is a lightweight Trail Running shoe with Less Drop and Transitional Cushioning, but in this case they thought about road comfort as well. The Sense Mantra is the standard bearer for the "door to trail" movement, which means it's not just great on singletrack - you can actually run down the street in these as well without leaving your oh-so-precious tread rubber behind with every step.

We like the fact there's a bit *more* of the Sense Mantra. More cushioning, more padding, more heel-to-toe drop...but just enough of each to make it a great everyday runner. The shoe retains its racing spirit while giving a nod to practicality, and we think that's pretty cool.

The Salomon XR Mission: Well, well, decided to take the plunge and do some trail running. Maybe you even found a couple of local spots and gave it a shot: wind in your hair, birds chirping overhead, leaves crunching under your feet - the whole fantasy. So be honest now: how long did it take to realize your road shoes weren't quite what you needed to stay upright on the trail? Loose dirt, wet leaves, sticks, snags and hidden roots have a way of making themselves known very quickly!

Salomon running suggests the XR Mission is exactly what you need to make the transition to a dedicated trail shoe, and we think they've got a point. The XR Mission is a Trail Running shoe with More Drop and Comfort Cushioning, and all this adds up to a solid shoe ready to take you off the beaten path with the protection you deserve.

As always, Salomon provides a lot of marketing terms to describe the shoe, and they all sound pretty awesome. You can check it out by clicking on the image above. We'll sum it up here: great traction, toe protection, a rugged outsole and comfort features to ensure you are happy from the moment you put it on to the moment you take it off. We're not going o claim we're the only place in town you can buy these shoes - they're one of the most popular trail running shoes in the country - but we can promise our knowledge, time on the trail and commitment to you as a customer is unmatched in the market. We can't wait to get a pair on your feet and get you out on the trails!

The Synapse M / Synapse W+: For those of us not interested in setting land speed records but still wanting to get a solid, comfortable ride while traveling across trail and tarmac, Salomon submits the Synapse. While still relatively lightweight, this is a solid, high drop, comfort cushioned mixed use shoe designed for hiking in the wild and in the urban jungle. We get great feedback on the responsive cushion, the good looks, and the stable feeling the shoe imparts when in use. Click on either of the shoes for more detail, and then be ready to be impressed when you put them on your feet.

The Sense Colors: Every once in a while, we see a shoe we just have to have. Is this the most technical shoe in our lineup? No. The most expensive? No (its actually one of our least expensive...). Does it redefine how we run? Nope. Not that, either. But we love the way it looks, and how it feels on our feet. If the Sense Mantra is the kid brother of the Sense Ultra, this is the third child in the family. You know how it is: the kid brother is always looking up to his elder sibling, and trying to be just like him. Not the third. Nope - he's going to do things his own, more laid back way. So while there are definitely some genetic similarities across the three shoes, this is definitely the shoe for the less "type-A" crowd. We would walk anywhere in town - either on road or off - in the Sense Colors, and feel darn happy about doing it. Its still a low drop, transitional cushion mixed use shoe, just like the Sense Ultras and the Sense Mantras, but it forgoes the rock plate altogether and includes only those materials essential to durability outside of the most gnarly terrain.

So trust us. Put these shoes on your feet. Throw them on with a pair of jeans or casual shorts and just go have fun. Relax a bit. They'll be right with you the whole way, enjoying the ride and helping you make just the right impression.


We work really hard to offer a full spectrum of Salomon Running shoes to meet the needs of all our customers, and we stock full size runs of everything we carry. If there is an Salomon shoe you don't see here, it doesn't mean its not a good product...just that we decided it wasn't part of our core offering. Please don't let that stop you from coming in - we'll work with you to identify the correct product and fit for your specific goals, and we'll even order it for you at no extra charge.