Petzl at the Ultra Running Company

We know there are huge differences between running headlamps and headlamps for other purposes. While one may be excellent for fishing and another the ideal tool for spelunking deep in underground caves, the team at the Ultra Running Company can provide detailed, runner specific feedback on the positives and negatives of each model we carry. Petzl is a leader in lighting for all activities, and we have found their product to be especially beneficial for runners of all levels and distances.

In addition to a broad array of price points, Petzl offers more cutting-edge technology than any other manufacturer we know of. We have used every model from the entry-level Tikka 2 to the groundbreaking Nao, and know that there is no perfect lamp for all applications and races. With that said, we believe the traditional lamps from Petzl offer excellent value for the money and long life with traditional battery power. We love that Petzl is starting to include rechargeable batteries at much lower price points than in the past. This is definitely a long term cost benefit, and we encourage any power user to take advantage of the feature. Should trail or long-distance racing be in your future, we cannot recommend Petzl's new Reactive Lighting technology more. Headlamps equipped with this feature can actually adjust to conditions around the runner, optimizing light output, ensuring visibility in a wide range of conditions, and extending battery life. It is a unique technology, and we're fans.

Bottom line: there are a ton of things to consider when buying a headlamp, and we're stoked to talk to you about them. We carry the best running headlamps the market has to offer, and avoid the models that just don't work for our favorite sport. Runners have unique needs, and we look forward to finding the model that works for you.