Nutrition at the Ultra Running Company

Beyond training, the most essential component of any successful run or walk is to ensure your body is fueled correctly and positioned to take advantage of its reserves efficiently. At full aerobic exertion (look - we're not superhuman, we don't need to be going anaerobic 24/7. We'll leave that to our triathlete and weightlifting friends!), the body burns through in excess of 1,000 calories per hour. That's a lot of energy, and the simple fact is we're not capable of continuing on for too long if we don't replenish those reserves. The bad news is our body can only digest and metabolize somewhere between 250-300 calories per hour, and even that's pretty hard for it to do over time.

Our goal is to provide options that allow our customers to maximize their calorie intake in a safe, stable and efficient way so they can go out and exercise again when they want to. We are in a position today our predecessors would have been envious of in that there are many options on how we go about this, but in general we break it down into three categories.

Gels & Chomps

If you want calories quickly, there are very few solutions as accessible or proven as gels and chomps. These products are engineered to deliver fast-acting energy directly where you need it in an accessible and digestible form. Gels and chomps are packaged in a manner that makes them extremely portable, and their ingredients have been proven to be both rapidly absorbed by the body and quickly metabolized once in there. Gels and chomps come in a variety of flavors both with and without caffeine, and the latest versions have begun to incorporate enhanced levels of electrolytes as well. Gels and chomps are THE go-to solution for shorter distance runners and folks looking to ensure they have access to a few extra calories should their run go longer than expected.

We are pleased to offer products from GU Energy and ProBar as our Gel & Chomp solutions!

Meal Replacements (Bars)

Although meal replacement bars can be consumed during exercise, they are often more difficult for the body to absorb and metabolize than more efficiently engineered alternatives. As a result, we tend to recommend meal replacements and foods in bar format more for pre- and post-workout consumption than for in-race caloric replenishment. With that said, long, slow runs are much more conducive to bar consumption, and these products tend to be extremely calorie dense. This makes them an excellent choice for multi-hour excursions, and a must have for short stage runs that allow rest/down time between runs. We also recommend many of these bars for consumption immediately following a strenuous workout, as the elevated levels of protein are especially beneficial for recovery during this period.

We are pleased to offer products from ProBar as our Meal Replacement solution!

Liquid Supplements

Falling in as the single most unobtrusive nutritional supplement to date, our liquid solution simply mixes with 24oz of water to deliver 200 calories and serious electrolytes in a ridiculously easy to digest format. Liquid nutrition is perfect for up to a 2 hour run or any run/race where you have access to either aid stations, crew or drop bags (such as the Victory Sportdesign Bear II) in reasonable intervals. Liquid nutrition is absorbed quickly, fits in well with most runners' existing habits, and tends to sit well over time (like at the end of your longest race)!

We are completely stoked to offer Tailwind Nutrition products in a variety of sizes and flavors as our Liquid Supplement solution!

Electrolyte Replacement

Many of the Nutritional products we feature include some level of electrolyte replacement in an effort to replenish lost sodium and potassium during long or strenuous workouts. While the science is somewhat mixed on the efficacy of these efforts, this is one area where we anecdotally fall securely on the side of product use.

We understand that muscle cramps are a function of increased demand on muscles who are not ready for such effort. We understand there is no way an electrolyte swallowed orally could possibly make it to these muscles and provide instant relief. We also understand there has not been a study to date explaining why this type of product works. With all that said, our anecdotal and experiential finding is that it does. And while in every other aspect of the company we depend heavily on the most comprehensive scientific backing we can find, we default to using electrolyte replacement.

Placebo or as-yet-undertermined physical effect, we find our bodies perform better longer when we replace electrolytes, and there is no better product on the market than Succeed! S-Caps. Come on in and grab a bottle - if they work for you, we're stoked we offered them locally. If they don't, be confident we offered the best price in town on a product and your experiment didn't cost you too much. We're pretty sure you'll appreciate the option.