NATHAN at the Ultra Running Company

Look - there are a lot of companies in the hydration and safety market today claiming they have the best "this" or "that", and our experience is that many companies do in fact make pretty good products. In fact, we've used most of them in one situation or another, and find many companies do a great job of hitting the mark with a specific product while missing the mark with the remainder of their line. We chose to partner with NATHAN because we feel they do a great job across the board - there are no duds in this lineup.

NATHAN is a leader in both hydration - where their training and racing vests set the standard in the industry and continue to win awards year after year - and lighting, with full coverage of both lines. NATHAN has worked with athletes for years, and their dedication to providing products that truly deliver value is unparalleled in the industry. We're proud to carry NATHAN products and excited to cover the many benefits for your individual running style.


Handheld Bottles: No one makes a broader line of bottles than NATHAN, and that means there is a handheld solution exactly right for you. From the minimal Quickshot Plus to the 24oz. Fire & Ice, NATHAN provides innovation, functionality and style. We especially enjoy the insulated bottles (perfect for Charlotte summers) and the ergonomically shaped (they actually fit our hands!) versions, but with options that hold your smartphone, gel pockets and more we're sure there will be a solution that fits you perfectly.

Hydration Belts: For those times when you don't want to have your hands full, hydration belts are an excellent option for addressing your hydration needs in a compact and comfortable manner. NATHAN offers a multitude of options to ensure a perfect fit for you - regardless of body size, shape or running form. We love that they have multiple options for quantity of bottles, as well as handy pockets to hold the essentials you depend on during long runs and/or racing outings.

Hydration Vests: When we first started running distances long enough to justify a hydration pack, we did our research: we read magazine articles, looked at ads, surfed the web and more. Everyone seemed to have something to say about their "pack du jour", and there was a lot to take in. There were pockets here, pull strings there, and significant opinions on the best bladder raged across the forums. One thing we noticed when we went to races, however, was that most of the actual runners were wearing NATHAN vests, and they just seemed to work. No one complained about them, they had rock solid build quality, and they moved with the runners in a manner that reduced strain, rubbing and aggravation while on the move. 

Having actual runners using a product instead of online bloggers made a pretty significant impression, and its one that continues to this day. Technology has changed a lot since our first runs, and NATHAN has evolved as well. What has not changed is their commitment to quality and innovation centered around the runners themselves. Whether you choose the legacy HPL-020 (that vest we saw everywhere when we started, and still a great deal today), the ultra-light Firecatcher or the top-of-the-line Vapor Wrap (which is coming off its "Hydration Vest of the Year award last year), we know there is a NATHAN product for you. Come on in and we'll find out exactly which one.


One of the most important aspects of running is our ability to see and be seen by others, as well as our ability to remain in contact with the folks who are important to us. Like turn signals on a car, lighting and reflective material is often less for the runners than for those around us, and since we'd like to see you back at the store, on the road and on the trails for many years to come, we highly recommend the proper equipment when running at night.

NATHAN offers a full line of the most innovative and unobtrusive lighting and reflective gear on the market, and we're happy to have a broad selection of equipment to fit every runner preference.

Reflective Gear: While reflective vests used to be bulky items worn only but he most steadfast and safety conscious night runners, we love the new designs NATHAN has introduced over the past couple of seasons. This spring's Streak and Bandolier vests are unobtrusive and the best solution for being seen by oncoming vehicles. If you choose to run in the road (or are forced to by a lack of sidewalks), these should definitely be on your list for every run after the sun goes down or before it comes up. For those looking for an even more minimalist option, Reflex reflective bands are a simple way to ensure you are seen, and they pop on and off easier than your watch! Finally, keep in mind that many of NATHAN's hydration bottles (such as the Fire & Ice, Icon, and all insulated variations) are also highly reflective. There is now no reason not to be seen, so leave your excuses back at the house, folks!

Lighting: Taking the next step forward, NATHAN offers a number of active lighting solutions, including miniature strobe lights, arm bands, and even light bars made exclusively for the backs of your shoes that emit light and remain powered even when there are no headlights coming at you. Today's lighting is long lasting, durable, and designed to ensure your visibility from great distances. We're always excited to talk about the different uses for each type of light and to hear your feedback for novel uses of the different models!