INKnBURN Pre-Orders

The Ultra Running Company is maintaining a wait list for the newest INKnBURN design: Red Robot. Please note that submitting your information does not guarantee you will receive these items - we strongly suggest you place a pre-order directly from INKnBURN when available to guarantee availability (here's the link to their pre-order page). Orders placed using this waitlist are fulfilled on a first come first serve basis from stock available to the Ultra Running Company

Futuristic, powerful, all the promise of things to come... INKnBURN has always had a soft spot for robots and all that technology can do. While the human form is still the greatest wonder, combining them both is just a little magical. Feel just a little immortal and indestructible in these beautifully illustrated pieces of art on fabric... these are the perfect for launching you on your next workout!

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A few years ago, we were running the trails at a race in Texas and we caught sight of a fellow runner in an outfit unlike any we had ever seen. His shirt was an explosion of vibrant color, and he appeared to be wearing denim shorts as he cruised down the singletrack path. We took note of the brand, and started watching for similar outfits everywhere we went. There weren't a lot of these outfits around, but at every race we saw one or two or three people dressed in eye-popping colors. These folks were just a bit more outgoing and fun than the people around them. They were smiling and having a great time, no matter how quickly they finished the race, and were friendly to everyone they met. This was the kind of attitude we embraced, and we knew we had found the clothes we wanted to be running in.

When we had the idea for the Ultra Running Company, INKnBURN immediately came to mind. The company is based on California, and they design, test and manufacture every single piece of clothing right here in the USA. We really like that, and we also like that the company's owner, Megan, is directly involved in every design that makes it to market. These designs are more than a series of complimentary colors to Megan - almost all of the images have specific meaning to her and her family (or the extended INKnBURN family of runners, who provide feedback and support on a daily basis), and she's willing to tell the story behind each and every one. INKnBURN is an active member of the running community, and each piece is a reflection of those who wear it.

We had a great discussion with the folks at INKnBURN, and they summed it up far better than we could: "INKnBURN puts Art on Athletic Apparel for people who like to stand out in a crowd.  The gallery of designs we create have different sources of inspiration such as healing, intimidation and even humor (just to name a few). It's technical apparel for the kind of people who want own unique and well made clothing - clothing tested on ultra runners for comfort and built to last. Hand-crafted in the USA, the inspiration behind the designs they create just might inspire you to do your laundry a little more often, just so you can wear it more.  INKnBURN is the clothing you reach for when you want to defy expectations, set PRs, and accomplish your dreams." We couldn't agree more.

Our only question was: would Charlotte be ready for apparel that was this eye-popping and colorful? Would we as a community embrace the vibrant color scheme that sets INKnBURN apart? Each piece is created using a process called "sublimation", where the color is actually bonded to the fabric prior to assembly to ensure it does not peel, rub or fade. This is not a new process in sports (many bike jerseys, for example, have been using it for some time), but INKnBURN is unique and breaking ground within the running community. The answer has been a resounding "YES"! We are so pleased to welcome daily visitors who are finding that color and functionality can be combined into a single piece of clothing in a manner that allows each runner to express themselves more fully. More and more Charlotteans can be seen in INKnBURN, and we are pleased to have played a part in their excitement.

The Ultra Running Company is currently the only INKnBURN retailer in the Carolinas (and Georgia, and the Virginias, and Kentucky, and...), and the largest in the country. We are the only locally owned location where customers can try in the InB product before they buy, and ensure the fit, color and feel is exactly what they are looking for. We are excited to carry the product every day, and can't wait for you to come see it for yourself.


We receive a lot of inquiries regarding our current selection of INKnBURN product, and would love to make the process easier. Now that our Web Store is up and running, it is the best resource for current inventory in InB product - while we have in the past maintained a list on this page, our web store is up to date at all times and we hope will eliminate any confusion. Please feel free to browse our inventory, and of course you can give us a call any time to talk about our favorite styles, fit, or the weather in your neck of the woods!