Why Injinji?

We strongly believe the foot was meant to function as it was designed. No really, we think its a pretty good system: it has a heel that connects it to the leg and provides stability, a nice padded area on the sides and front just perfect for landing on and absorbing shock, and it has (wait for it...) TOES at the front that provide increased lateral stability and power at push-off.

So if we've got this great design already in place, why don't our clothes mirror it?

With Injinji socks, you get a solution that treats your foot as the system it is. Quality materials, stylish design for a variety of preferences, and - yup, you guessed it - TOES built into each one.

We get it. You think they look funny. You're afraid they'll feel funny. The truth is, they DO look different and they DO feel different. And there are some solid reasons for that:

  • Injinji socks allow your toes to splay, which in turn helps your body's natural ability to balance and gain power.
  • Injinji socks keep your toes from rubbing together, which means fewer blisters and more comfort while running
  • Injinji socks keep your feet cooler when running. You know how mittens keep you warmer than gloves? apply that same theory to your feet. Why would you want that on a run? Your feet are warm enough!

Oh, and by the way: you get used to the look and feel awfully quickly once you realize how great they are. So come on in and try a pair out. We have one of the largest, most diverse selection of Injinji socks in town, and would love to help you find the perfect pair for your next run.