GU Energy


Why GU Energy?

If there's an industry standard in training and racing nutrition, GU Energy has the title. From gels to chomps, from powders to tablets, GU sets the standard by which all others are measured. There's enough engineered science in these things to fuel a rhino for a month, and its hard to argue there is a company on earth that offers more choices when it comes to in-race or training nutrition.

GU manufactures (and we are proud to carry) the following items:

GU Energy Gels: 100 calories per packet, with or without caffeine. Dozens of flavors.

Roctane Energy Gels: 100 calories per packet, usually (but not always) with more caffeine than the GUs and always tweaking in an amino acid blend designed specifically for endurance. Still more flavors.

GU Chomps: 200 calories per bag. All the good of a gel, without the sticky mess. With and without caffeine.

GU Brew: Designed to be mixed with water, this GU Brew delivers 100 calories per 16oz serving (2 scoops from a big ol' tub).

GU Brew Electrolyte Drink Tablets: Drop these babies in your water and be prepared for an infusion of 320mg of sodium per tablet. They're not designed to keep your energy up (you need calories for that), but they will help stabilize your system as you sweat.

Roctane Ultra Endurance: Another powder to be mixed with water, Roctane Ultra provides 240 calories (about all you can take in an hour), 320mg of sodium, and a proprietary blend of amino acids designed to keep you going for the long haul in each two scoop concoction. Solid fuel for any distance runner, and a complete meal replacement as necessary. Available in single use packets and 12 serving tubs to meet your consuming needs.