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Why Garmin?

For those of you keeping track, Garmin is the worldwide leader in navigation. Seriously - we read it on their web page, and everything on the web is, by definition, true. They make navigation systems for boats. For cars. For airplanes. Heck, even for golf carts. Folks, they rock the navigation world. Unfortunately, that really doesn't sway our opinion of them as a global powerhouse, since we pretty much just want to run and monitor our efforts. At one point, we did try to pull the navigation system out of our car for a quick 2-miler, but it just proved to be unwieldy. Fortunately for us, Garmin has taken all that practice and applied it to something that matters: making amazing wrist-mounted GPS tools that allow us to accurately capture every piece of information possible while on a run.

From entry level GPS tracking to full-fledged activity monitoring, Garmin products set the standard for technical prowess and functionality. We love their streamlined look, their ease of use, their track record of quality and even their full color screens. It seems that we find a new function, reading or measurement every day, and we look forward to sharing these features and benefits with you to ensure you choose the right solution for your individual needs.

Garmin at the Ultra Running Company

Distance Tracking: The most basic Garmin watches do one thing,and they do it very well: they track the distance you travel while running or walking using Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites. These watches are rugged, consistently accurate, and full of the features you will need when beginning an exercise program or stepping up to the next level. Unlike the applications that have recently made their way onto smart phones, a dedicated GPS watch is weatherproof and durable, won't lose your data with the next software update, and stays connected to the satellite signal much more consistently (ie. you won't miss big chunks of your exercise while these babies are checking your email). These watches are generally managed through a few easy to use buttons, are lightweight and good looking enough they can be worn anywhere.

Full Activity Tracking: Although we tend to recommend Polar for dedicated Heart Rate Monitoring (HRM) functionality, we turn back to Garmin for our full monitoring solutions. We believe there is no more fully integrated manufacturer on the planet right now, and the functionality of these watches is beyond question. Garmin is able to combine HRM and GPS tracking into a single piece of equipment in a fully integrated and easy to use manner. At the highest end of the spectrum, these watches can track specific measurements like cadence, foot contact time with the ground, and even estimate your VO2 Max (one of the most effective measurements of your actual health and fitness levels). Garmin products break new ground with each introduction, and we're excited to work with you to identify the exact product for your specific activity.