Why Balega?

We know. They're just socks. They come in three packs at the local Sport Mart, and you've been wearing them all your life. And you feel just fine about that.

We're here to tell you there IS a difference, and we want to help you find your way into the most comfortable socks available.

Balega has a unique story: Founded in South Africa, they decided early on to use North Carolina fibers for their socks. Our local fabrics are actually shipped overseas where they are knitted and hand-stitched together to provide the highest quality socks we have found on the market. Our community is so import to the company they have actually moved the headquarters here and the founders of the company now call North Carolina home.

We've probably mentioned that engagement in the local market impact plays a big part in our approach, but we always make sure this bias doesn't result in inferior products for our customers. In this case, we have a double home run: the ability to support a local company who also produces a product we want to have on our feet.

A few of the reasons we totally dig Balega socks:

  • The hand-linked toe box: You know that area of your sock where the seam pushes up against your toes? The one right at the front, or - if the manufacturer has gotten really crafty - on top of the toes? Well, that doesn't exist in a Balega sock. They individually hand-link the bottom and the top of the socks together, completely eliminating this seam and reducing rubbing in the toe area. We like that, because our toes are sensitive little things that need coddling (especially after about 20 miles on the trail).
  • The high thread count: So that super comfy feeling you get pulling on a new pair of socks? Where it feels like you just putt little clouds around your feet? That feeling that typically goes away after a single washing?  Well, that feeling sticks around in Balegas, because you're not feeling flat threads that have been fluffed up for purchase - your feeling hundreds of threads that will continue to provide cushioning well into the sock's life. This high "thread count" also means there is more fabric to run through and that it is built in a denser pattern, which in turn mean longer life for the socks.
  • A sweet heel shape: One of the things that bugged us the most about our stylish shorty socks (and even the longer bargain socks we were so used to in high school) was when they would slip down into our shoe and bunch up. one likes that. Balega has designed a heel that actively counters that action and, although we'll leave the technical details to their web site or a conversation in the store, it really works. You'll like the feeling out of the box and for many runs to come.
  • Lots of options: Balega socks come in more optional colors, lengths and materials than we can shake a stick at. We have thicker versions, thinner versions, blister resistant versions, and even versions that are weaved in different directions to supply different levels of fit throughout the foot. We've got synthetic fabric versions, and even a version that mixes mohair and marino wools to provide added awesomeness. And did we mention its a North Carolina company? Yeah, we thought we had.