Why 2XU?

When we looked for partners in the compression market, we honestly didn't have to look too far. Yes, we love us some small companies, and anyone pitching us on a product has a clear advantage when they can say its designed specifically for the running community. We like to skew local in our choice of vendors, and dig it even more if we can pick up the phone and talk directly to the gal or guy who runs the company.

2XU (pronounced "two times you") offered us none of that. What they did offer was a history of technological breakthroughs, a full line of products that provide support and comfort for the running community, and the knowledge that we were dealing with a company that will continue to honor its commitments to our customer s for many years to come. Bottom line: we are super comfortable that 2XU offers the most technically advanced products on the market, and truly appreciate their commitment to quality and consistency. Compression was an area where we didn't want any surprises, and we know that with 2XU we have partnered with the best the market has to offer.

We look at the compression market from two perspectives: Performance and Recovery.

Performance: Pull on compression socks, sleeves, shorts/tights or tops, and you'll know you're running in something unlike you have worn before. This fabric hugs your skin, and pulls it tight - meaning there is less movement and, at least theoretically, less damage to your muscles during a workout. Compression clothing provides protection from external hazards and confidence that you are doing everything you can to improve your race day performance - all while looking SUPERCOOL (and there's nothing wrong with that)!

Recovery: Recovery grade compression (usually slightly more compressive than performance grade) is used after a long or strenuous run or following a race where you have pushed your body beyond its normal levels. The idea here is that blood tends to get trapped at your extremities, and having a fabric that provides assistance in getting that blood back towards your core is a pretty good thing. The recovery aspect of compression clothing is pretty well documented, as it is a direct adaptation from the medical industry - we like the studies that have been performed in this area, which generally point to a 3-5% improvement in recovery time when using compression technology.

So what does being a leader in compression mean?

  • It means offering solutions across both performance and recovery applications.
  • It means providing a full line of products so that once someone chooses to utilize the technology they don't have to ensure one piece provides similar benefits to the previous pice they enjoyed.
  • It means a full spectrum of technical support to ensure customer satisfaction and market knowledge.
  • It means choices of colors and styles so you can look awesome.

2XU provides the best and most complete coverage in the market, and we look forward to finding the compression solution just right for you.