Our shoes are better (Seriously)

We have some pretty audacious goals here at the Ultra Running Company, and one common-sense action we can take is to ensure Charlotte runners have access to the very best equipment and accessories the industry has to offer. We have spent the better part of the last three years making sure the products we stock provide the perfect mix of technology, functionality and style. We are truly excited about the brands who have chosen to partner with us, and we continue work with them to upgrade on a daily basis.

We carry the products other running companies are afraid to carry. The ones that are a bit different, that try new things, and that may even have a bit less market share than their better-know competitors. The ones you hear about from time to time, but don't know quite where to find. Yeah, we've got those.

And guess what? Science is on our side.

Study after study confirms the products the other stores are selling provide no help in ensuring you have a long and productive running career. So why do they do it? Because its what they've always done. We're new. We're different. We actually read those studies. We actually care about what your legs will look like in 20 years. And we only stock products we truly believe in.

Come see for yourself. You'll be glad you did.


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